7 useful tips on travelling to Italy.

Travelling to Italy is considered a wonderful trip by tourists all around the world. Here are some tips to make your trip as perfect as possible!

1.Don’t wear revealing clothes when visting Vatican

7 useful tips on travelling to Italy.

The Italian might wear sexy clothes on the street but when they go to Vatican, they always wear discreet clothes. Vatican, the Catholic Church, is considered one of the most sacred places in the world. Any clothes that reveals arms, shoulder or don’t go over the knee,… are not acceptable here.

Therefore, when visiting Vatican, bring a scarf to wear over the shoulder if you don’t have discreet clothes.

2.Don’t hope that the Italian will turn up on time

7 useful tips on travelling to Italy.

‘Turning up late’ is a habit of the Italian. Public transportation might suddenly shut down on an unexpected day of the week, therefore, tourists should always check the information very carefully on the website before going. The Italian public administration is no exception, they work late and might be closed on some days of the week.

3.Gondola or traghetto?

Tourists when visting Venice all want to try the Gondola boat, however, its expensive price, about 65 USD/per person, make them have to think twice. If you can’t affort the Gondala boat, rent a traghetto boat instead. Traghetto is the boat the Italian use to travel on the main canal. Except for the shorter ride,  traghetto boat is almost the same as gondola and a traghetto ride is only 5 USD/per person.

4.Be careful if you want to drive by yourself

7 useful tips on travelling to Italy.

Roads in Italy are mostly small, narrow and rugged which require firmly driving. If you are not confident in your driving ability, travel by train, bus or other public transportation instead.

5.Try the authentic specialties

When visting Italy, tourists will see many restaurants with a sign “Italian specialty”. However, the spaghetti or pizza in those restaurants might not be as delicious as you expect. To enjoy the Italian authentic specialties, research the Italian cuisine on the internet first. For example, Napoli is famous for its pizza, Bolgna is mostly known for its delicious spaghetti alla Bolognese or if you visit Parma, don’t forget to order dishes with cheese,…

6. Gratuity

7 useful tips on travelling to Italy.

Tipping is not a part of the Italian culture, it’s not compulsory, therefore, just tips for the services that you really find good and pleasant.

7.Learn some Italian words

The Italian is one of the worst English-speaking countries. Of course you can still check-in at the hotel or order at the restaurant in English. However, if you want to buy street foods, ask for the way, ask where the train station is,… you have to learn some Italian words or language gestures.

11 things tourists shouldn’t do in Dubai.

Dubai is such a beautiful and fancy city, however, this city has some rules that might be too strict for tourists. Be well aware of those rules or else you will get in trouble.

Dubai is such a beautiful and fancy city, however, this city has some rules that might be too strict for tourists. Be well aware of those rules or else you will get in trouble.

If you are detected to have banned substances, you might be put to death.
If you are detected to have banned substances, you might be put to death.
If you drink beer or alcohol in public, you might be jailed.
If you drink beer or alcohol in public, you might be jailed.
If you wear swimsuit or even if you don’t wear shirt away from the beaches, you will be fined.
If you wear swimsuit or even if you don’t wear shirt away from the beaches, you will be fined.
  Singing or dancing on the street is considered rude.
Singing or dancing on the street is considered rude.
Public display of affection is not acceptable in Dubai.
Public display of affection is not acceptable in Dubai.
Public display of affection is not acceptable in Dubai.
Public display of affection is not acceptable in Dubai.
When you’re not at home, dress as nicely as possible. Especially for women, don’t wear revealing clothes.
When you’re not at home, dress as nicely as possible. Especially for women, don’t wear revealing clothes.
Taking picture around, especially taking picture of women without permission is also considered rude behavior.
Taking picture around, especially taking picture of women without permission is also considered rude behavior.
Homosexuality is totally banned, you might even be jailed if you were gay or lesbian.
Homosexuality is totally banned, you might even be jailed if you were gay or lesbian.
During Ramadan month, eating in front of the Muslim is being disrespect to them.
During Ramadan month, eating in front of the Muslim is being disrespect to them.
Don’t use your left hand to shake hand, receive thing or open the door,...
Don’t use your left hand to shake hand, receive thing or open the door,…

Useful tips on travelling to Austria.

Austria is an attractive destination that many tourists want to visit at least for once. These tips below will help you to be proactive and happy in Austria.

1.Luggage – What to bring with you ?

Useful tips on travelling to Austria.

What should we bring with us when visiting Austria? This seems to be a difficult question for tourists who visit India for the first time.

-When arranging your luggage, you should bring your own medicines and personal medical devices including your commonly used prescriptions, inhaler, allergy medicine, insulin and vitamin pills as well.

-Most hotels in India only have 3 pin socket, therefore, bring an adapter if you want to charge your mobile and electronic devices.

2.Communicative Language in Austria

German is the official language and is the mother tongue of approximately 95% of the Australian population. Hungarians, Slovenians as well as Croatians who have been living in Austria for a long time are allowed to use their mother tongue at school or to communicate with the government. Slovenian and Croatian are also additional official langues in some areas such as Steiermark, Burgenland and Karnten.

However, when travelling to Austria, tourists can still use English in communication. Because this is an European country, English is also used widely.

3.Shopping in Austria

Useful tips on travelling to Austria.

When travelling to Austria, tourists should buy products that can’t be found in your living area instead of buying somthing just because it’s cheap. If you want to buy products which are on sale, make sure check the date and their quality very carefully.

If you see souvenirs or handicrafts that you really like, don’t hesitate to buy it because you might not find it anywhere else again.

4.Preparing a Travel Camera

Useful tips on travelling to Austria.

In Austria, there are not so many street photographers around beauty spots except for festival days. Therefore, tourists are advised to bring their own camera if they want to take picture.

What to buy as gift when visiting Austria.

When visiting Austria, there are some meaningful and interesting signature items that are recommended for tourists to buy as gift for family and friends.

1.Austrian Lederhosen

What to buy as gift when visiting Austria.

The Austrian lederhosen – which is basically leather shorts with braces –  is an idea gift for your beloved children.

2.Austrian Food and Drink

What to buy as gift when visiting Austria.

When travelling to the beautiful Austria, don’t forget to bring some of the delicious specialties back home for your family and friends. Some suggested specialties are wine and Sacher cake in Vienne, chocolate in Salzburg and Lebkuchen ( ginger cake ). Styrian pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin seeds and bacona are also specialties that can only be found in Austria.

3.Coffee, Porcelain and Glassware

What to buy as gift when visiting Austria.

If you have the chance to visit Austria, always make sure to try the Austrian coffee. It should be an indispensable thing on tourist’s gift list.

Porcelain and glassware in Austria are made very meticulously. They are also idea gifts when visiting Austria.

Preparing for a trip to Japan

Japan is always an attractive destination for visitor in all over the world. There are some tips that you should know to have great trip to this country.

Prepare passport.

This is the very important things when you want to travel abroad. Passports can be obtained at post offices around the country.


Deal with language barrier

If you cannot speak Japanese or take a course of Japanese, it’s necessary for you to know English. Remember to bring an English dictionary on your trip

Exchange your currency for yen.


Credit cards can be used at larger hotels and restaurants, as well as most ATMs for a surcharge, but many smaller stores and shops in rural areas will require cash yen. Traveler’s checks can be redeemed for yen at most banks.

Research tourist hot spots.

Fuji mountain
Fuji mountain

There are many popular tourist destinations in Japan, including Kyoto Palace, one of the Imperial palaces of Japan. Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain, is another popular destination. Make sure you are well informed as to all the options available to you when preparing for your trip.

Make sure you have clothing appropriate to the time of year in which you are visiting Japan.

Winter temperatures in Japan are an average of 41 degrees Fahrenheit or 5 degrees Celsius, which will require heavy coats, gloves, and sweaters for travelers. Summers have an average temperature of 77 Fahrenheit or 22 Celsius, which points to lighter clothing, such as shorts and t-shirts. The rainy season lasts from May to mid-July, so be sure to pack an umbrella, poncho or other rain gear, or else be prepared to purchase them.

Bring clothing for special occasions.

If travelling during the summer, bring swim wear to bring to one Japan’s many beaches or to one of the famous hot springs. Bring formal wear for other special occasions, such as a Kabuki play or symphony concert.

Research areas specifically attractive to you.

Japan has a wide variety of attractions and activities for tourists to take part in. These include a vast array of museums and art galleries in Kyoto and Tokyo, thousands of campsites across the country, and festivals in different parts of the country every month which celebrate every from the New Year to wild horse racing.

Indonesia travel tips

There are some tips for you to have a pleasurable and convenient trip to Indonesia.


Health: Malaria and dengue fever exist in many parts of the country. Therefore take adequate protection mosquito bites and keep anti-malarial medicine with yourself. Drink water only from sealed bottles, and avoid swimming in freshwater lakes or streams as disease-causing organisms such as schistosomiasis may be present. Take precautions against heat and humidity. Wear sunscreen and a hat and drink lots of water.

Dress Code: In business circles, wearing a suit is the norm for both men and women. For formal occasions, either a suit or a long-sleeved, good quality, batik shirt are recommended for men, whilst evening or cocktail dresses are suitable for women. As Indonesia is primarily a Muslim country, modesty in dress is advised; remember to cover up if you intend visiting a mosque.

Dress code
Dress code

Local Customs: Indonesia has a high Muslim populace and it is important to understand and respect the local beliefs. Scanty clothing is not advisable in public places in deference to local customs. Shorts are not allowed in mosques and women should have their arms and head covered.

Offices: Most government offices in Indonesia are open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Commercial offices and businesses are open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. for Saturdays. Hours for businesses and commercial offices are staggered.


Calling people by crooking your finger is considered impolite.

Patting someone on the head is not done among adults and should even be avoided with children.

Climbing over monuments or places of worship is considered highly disrespectful. (In Bali, waist sashes should be worn when visiting temples.

Take off your shoes when entering a mosque or temple

Take off your sunglasses inside someone’s house, unless you have an eye disease.

Use your right hand when receiving something from or giving something to someone. Talking with one’s hands on one’s hips is considered impolite.

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Philippines travel tips

If you are going to plan a trip to Philippines, there are some tips for you to get the best trip.


- Dress for the hot weather, light clothing is ideal year-round, and absolutely during the hot and dry months from March to May. Temperatures average from 78°F/25°C to 90°F/32°C,  humidity is at 77%.

- Never leave home without your rain gear, umbrella, and heavy clothing during the rainy months from June to October as well as when setting out to the mountainous areas.

- When shopping in a public market, it is perfectly acceptable to haggle for the cheapest price.

- English is the most widely spoken next to Filipino/Tagalog, the national language. Learning the basic local phrases may come in handy. Over 111 local dialects are spoken in the country.

- Comfortable yet sturdy footwear are best, as travelling the islands will often involve some walking.

- When headed to the remote areas, come prepared with an insect repellant and even your own water in handy containers. Always have the island map with you.

- Prepare to hop in a jeepney, tricycle, or pedicab – exotic modes of land transport that are the most commonly available for going around. Always bring loose change when taking public transport.

- Know the transport schedules. Some destinations are only being serviced intermittently, not to mention extreme weather conditions that will affect these schedules.

- Air-conditioned taxis should cost PhP40 on the meter. An extra PhP2 will be added for every 500 meters.

- Casual clothing is acceptable inside churches and business offices. Dining establishments and hotels impose no dress code but shorts and slippers are deemed improper.


- For formal occasions, the traditional Barong Tagalog, the Philippine national costume for men, is just as suitable as the suit-and-tie.

- When travelling by car, be mindful of the number coding ordinance for vehicles that is being implemented strictly in selected cities.

- Do not miss visiting during the summer, when there is a concentration of major festivals, celebrations, and events.

- Adopt to local customs; accept local differences. The Filipinos are divided culturally into regions a total of 16, at present, each with its own distinct traits and traditions.

- The Philippine monetary unit, the peso, is generally preferred for financial transactions. Money-changing shops are available in key cities and towns.

- Tipping is expected for many services. The standard amount is 10% of the total bill. Tipping is optional on bills that include a service charge, which is often 10% as well of the total bill.

- Be sure to sample the endless variety of native delicacies and local cuisine, which differ in every region. The Philippines is made up of 7,107 different flavors that you will want to take home with you.

- For tourist information and assistance, get in touch with the Department of Tourism and any of its accredited offices nationwide.

5 tips to avoid losing way in Paris, French

The crowded street, similar constructions and interlacing subway system are some factors that make a lot of visitors lose the way in Paris, so how to avoid losing way in this city?

Always keep the map

Paris subway map
Paris subway map

At the time of arriving Paris, you should go to information stand in the airport and subway stations to get free map. It will help you to set up your schedule.

Taking the photos of hotel’s and road’s names

Taking photo of your hotel's name
Taking photo of your hotel’s name

This is the unforgettable point because there are a lot of constructions which is in the same architect and a lot of parallel roads. Thus, you should take the picture by your phone about the hotel’s name, road’s name and your destination.

Marking metro stations and paying attention to the guiding boards

Metro stations in Paris
Metro stations in Paris

Paris has the complicating subway and more than 20 schedules with a thousand of different stations. The first thing for you to do is marking the station which is near your hotel and destination you want to go.

Each rail way has 2 ways with different signals and colors so you should pay attention to the guiding board to get the right way.

Using locating app on your phone

RATP apps on phones
RATP apps on phones

It will be easier for visitors to travel in Paris with GPS and RATP apps on smart phones. GPS is global positioning system to help you locate the directions easily and RATP is the app helps you to look up your schedule and easily to get the public transportation.

Learning some basic and essential French sentences

You had better learn in case of losing way you can ask for assistance. Using Google translate and taking note some basic sentences and how to speak it will help you to communicate with French when losing way.

Italia travel tips

There are some tips that you should remember when travelling in Italia to have a good trip.



The dinner is between 7:30-9:00 p.m. You should press your hungry face to the restaurant’s window at 6:00 p.m, calling for a reservation, and dressing up for dinner.


Not shown so much in Italy. Short skirts, daisy dukes and halter tops do not epitomize the classical fashion taste of Italians. So cover up, unless, of course, you really are at the beach.


It won’t be served with oil and balsamic vinegar (unless the restaurant caters to Americans), so resist asking the server to provide them. Also, bread is not to be eaten with pasta. It’s used to “fare la scarpetta” or “make a little shoe”, to clean the plate of sauce. To do so in a restaurant is a debatable point, so I will let you make that decision! Basically, bread is provided to accompany an appetizer.

Simplify Your Schedule

Leave time to wander the crooked, ancient streets on your own. Often, just a few blocks from the main attractions, day-to-day life is unfolding. Leave the crowds. Pause to listen to a street performer. Plan some time where you can get off the well beaten path for a gelato, coffee, or traditional meal with the locals. Besides, if you over schedule, you just get grumpy.

Afternoon Closings

This still surprises and perplexes Americans. Many shops will close down for the afternoon from 1:00-4:00 p.m., especially outside the city center. Italians go home to enjoy lunch as a family and relax.

Rome, Italia
Rome, Italia


You need to call for a taxi, or go to an actual taxi stand. You cannot hail a cab on a street in Italy, although it’s amusing to watch Americans try! The taxi service in Florence is amazingly efficient and punctual, especially when compared to the post office.


Learning a few words and common phrases will make a big difference in your experience. Rather than launching immediately in English, and assuming you will be understood, it’s polite to ask, “Parla l’Inglese?”


The amount charged, per person, to sit down at a table. It’s not a ploy to take advantage of you because you are a tourist. While a coperto is not the same thing as a tip, tipping in Italy is not necessary, and never more than 5-10 percent.

Ask for the Check

It won’t be automatically delivered to your table after a meal in a restaurant. That doesn’t mean you are being ignored. Food and conversations are to be enjoyed, not rushed. When you are ready to leave, ask for the bill, “il conto.”

Slow Down

You can’t see it all. Trust me on this one. The reason 46 million tourists descend on Italy each year is because there is so much beauty to see and experience. A plethora of culture, art, vineyards, food, and museums — a lifetime is not enough. So, slow down, savor and appreciate what you do see.


You’ve made it to a country that has inspired visitors for centuries. Melt into its beauty and lifestyle, its art, music, and literature. Trade smiles with Italians and take home memories of a truly magnificent country, unlike any other in the world.